Hello Again

Hello, and yes, I'm still here!  Currently not managing to blog as much as I'd like as still a few technical hitches with the computer but that's getting closer to being sorted.

In the meantime, the summer weather has really kicked in and things have been pretty busy, so I've been building up a stack of photos for future posts.

People have been asking me how I'm getting on without my little chicken friends and yes, the garden is not the same without them.  


But I have been supporting The Mac's Farm and buying my eggs from this fantastic chicken friendly family business in West Sussex.  This family business has been pioneering in producing free range and organic eggs since 1985.  They firmly believe in doing the best for their chickens and so the welfare of the hens is at the heart of what they do.  

The farm is open daily to the public so that people can learn more about chicken farming and to respect the principles of organic farming.  Even when the chickens are "retired" they are re-homed locally so that nature rather than man decides how long their life will be (and there aren't many chicken farms that will take the time to do that).

The farm also supports local community projects and the Watoto project in Uganda.  Its well worth having a look at their website .  Hopefully, one day, all egg producing farms will be run like this!




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