Tents, Old Farming Relics and Motorbikes

Now that summer is well and truly here, we felt the need last week-end to get out into the great outdoors and took ourselves off on a camping and biking trip.  This was actually prompted by an invitation to an afternoon barbeque in East Sussex about 30 miles away.  We thought that rather than driving home again (meaning that one of us couldn't enjoy a drink at the barbie) it would be nicer to camp after the barbeque and go cycling the next day and we were lucky enough to find a campsite 8 miles away from our host's barbeque - but a pleasant and easy cycle along a flat, trafffic-free reclaimed railway line known as The Cuckoo Trail 

Having camped at this site before (albeit about 8 years ago), we roughly new what to expect - a quiet, clean, well-run site with farm museum, lake and cafe on site. 

The only aspect which had changed was that last time we visited, the then famous Merrydown Cider brewery was at that time located next to the campsite with its own visitor shop.  The company was bought out though a few years ago and manufacturing relocated.  Sadly there is now derelict ground where the brewery used to be and the cider doesn't quite taste the same as it used to (we have memories of it being very light and zingy and almost champagne-like).

We kept our camping trip simple and took no cooking utensils or food with us because we new there were good catering facilities close by.  The next morning we set ourselves up for a days' cycling with a cooked breakfast at Wessons Cafe just a 5 minute walk into the village.  Its a brilliant cafe and has an excellent reputation, particularly for its breakfasts.  It has a reputation as a biker's cafe as it is choc full of motorcycle paraphernalia and motorcyclists come from near and far to meet up for sunday breakfast.  However, it is a very friendly and welcoming place to be and, in fact, everyone is welcome be they bikers, cyclists, walkers, workmen or whoever.

Now I don't usually eat a full cooked English breakfast as never feel hungry enough, but not having eaten since the barbeque the afternoon before, I did have an appetite.  I had the veggie breakfast which was beautifully cooked and very satisfying and I particularly liked the inclusion of bubble 'n squeak.  Mr Cocopopia had the standard non-veggie breakfast and he too was suitably impressed.

If you ever find yourself in Horam in West Sussex, Wessons Cafe is a must!


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