Feeling Happy in Brighton - Part Two

So I continued my walk along the seafront and gazed in awe at the wonderful sunset.

One of the clouds had such a spectacular shape, it looked like a volcanic island in the distance and had a dramatic effect with the sun shining into the top of it.

There were no pinks in this winter sky, just lots of amazing golds.

And when the sunset was almost done and I turned away from the beach to head towards the car, I was hit by the message on the side of this "in your face" brightly coloured, butterfly and flower covered, hippy minibus - 
Let the sun shine in (lyrics from the song Aquarius from the musical Hair).  

Its said that if we just keep our awareness about us, life will present us with little messages along the way which have meaning to ourselves at that particular moment, and there was no way I was going to be able to walk past this without getting the message and it made me smile.

* * * * * * * * 

Once I reached home, I turned our hallway into a Christmas grotto, inspired by the lights I'd seen in town.

Actually, for me, fairy lights are not just for Christmas - I love 'em and have 2 lots in the garden and 3 lots in the house (kitchen, bedroom and lounge) that I use all year round.

At Christmas though, I'm particularly fond of my colour-changing LED angel (or are they fairy?) lights.  Mr Cocopopia is usually home first and switches them on so that I can be welcomed by them as I approach the house!  They must appeal to my inner child...

And then it was time to put on my favourite winter reindeer dog PJ's and chill out, feeling completely recharged and rejuvenated after my Happy Brighton Day!  

Lesson learned = must take more time out on a regular basis


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