Raspberry Gin

Home made raspberry gin - the perfect winter tipple

In October of last year, you may have read my post here on my first attempt at making raspberry gin with the abundance of raspberries we had from the garden. Well, due to one reason or another, I didn't manage to get it bottled up before Christmas and then with further delays, it still didn't get bottled up so I decided to leave it for several more months as I'd read that the longer you leave it, the better it gets.  

I was little worried that perhaps it might "go off" as the raspberries did look a bit odd inside the jars but once filtered a quick sip told me there was definitely nothing to worry about as the high concentration of alcohol prevented anything nasty from growing in it!

To get it from the jar to the bottle, I used some small coffee filter papers to drain the liquid into a clean glass measuring jug (which filters out any bits) and then poured directly from the jug into a kilner preserving bottle.

So, its taken 14 months to produce but wow is it good!  I now have some brilliant raspberry liqueur for flavouring fizzy wines, adding to mixers (such as tonic water) and giving a kick to deserts (works really well drizzled onto icecream!).


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