Visiting the Sculpture Park - Part One

Beauty and the Beast by Quentin Clemence

At the week-end we took a trip out to Churt in Farnham, Surrey to visit the amazing Sculpture Park .  On the front of their brochure it claims to be "the most atmospheric sculpture park in Britain." And on their website they say "the world's largest all-year sculpture exhibition". 

There are more than 600 sculptures showcased within 10 acres of arboretum and wildlife inhabited water gardens.  It was great winding our way around the paths on the various trails marked out within the park - we never knew what we would come across next.

Ballerina by Quentin Clemence

There were several works by Quentin Clemence which we really liked - working in copper, his figures are very distinctive, beautiful, mesmerising and with a sense of magical storytelling to them - in fact I found them to be quite enchanting.  It is no surprise to discover he has previously worked as a puppeteer as his unique figuritive style is very much reflected in his work.

* * * * * * *

There was a huge variety of work on display - something for everyone in fact

* * * * * * *

I Beg Your Pardon - Wilfred Pritchard

Another very distinctive artist was Wilfred Pritchard who works in bronze to produce quirky and witty pieces with skeletons as their focal point. Even their facial expressions seem to reflect the actions being taken at the time.

Homage to Matisse (The Dance) - Wilfred Pritchard

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