Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015.  New Years Eve here was a little on the cold side but as it was my birthday, it didn't stop us from enjoying a bracing walk along the seafront into Brighton and then lunch at one of our favourite eating places, Wagamama .  The food is mainly Japanese based with other Asian dishes also on the menu. The tasty and healthy ingredients are always freshly cooked to order but due to the efficiency of the Wagamama system, you never have to wait too long for your food to arrive.

Usually diners are seated at one of the long, canteen-style tables but we were fortunate enough to be offered a booth by the window and could sit and people watch.  Its interesting how the buildings and general light outside seems to turn grey in the cold but just about everyone in the street seemed to be wrapped up in their most colourful winter clothing and accessories - probably trying out their new Christmas gifts such as earmuffs, colourful gloves and animal inspired hats.

We've found than whenever we feel a little under the weather, if we eat a meal at Wagamama its like an instant remedy - it seems bugs and viruses don't stand a chance when they get a sudden attack of so many superfoods in one hit, such as onion, garlic chilli, ginger and other spices.  Herbs and spices have a long history of providing natural remedies for a large number of ailments and so we try to recreate Wagamama-style stir-fries at home to maintain our health throughout the winter months.

Mr Cocopopia enjoyed a chicken curry dish whilst I chose a noodle dish with tofu and peanuts (with a stray piece of extra hot chilli in the middle taking me by surprise and bringing tears to my eyes). We shared some Korean dumplings which were great and finished with some coconut ice-cream to bring our temperatures back down to earth again!

I love how such tasty food can be so healthy and nutritious - feeling inspired now so off to cook tonight's supper the Wagamama way...


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