Circles of Saturday Happiness

Yesterday was a little bit grey and a little bit cold, so after a quick trip out first thing to pick up a few provisions, we spent the rest of the day indoors.

Mr Cocopopia decided it was time to fix the old record player which has not been used for months (or, should I say years?).  After half an hour or so of "repair work" and a new stylus, the records were spinning again.

I'm so glad we've held on to some of our old records because there's something about the depth and warmth produced from vinyl which a CD can't replicate - yes, there may be a crackle and a hiss here and there, but this just seems to add to the charm.  And it may be more time consuming to set up a record than popping a CD in a slot and pressing a button, but there's something really nostalgic about queuing up a record, lowering the arm and the anticipation of the music kicking in.

As Mr Cocopopia was fixing the record player, I got busy in the kitchen with some soup making.  Thank you Hugh Fearnleigh-Whittingstall for your River Cottage Veg Everyday cook book and the delicious recipe for parsnip and ginger soup with its subtle spices and toasted almonds - so yummy, so warming and so cheerful for a grey saturday lunchtime in October!

Parsnip and Ginger Soup


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