The Farm Shop and Cider Emporium at Middle Farm

I do like a good farm shop and there's a particularly good one at Middle Farm on the South Downs, just outside the town of Lewes.  

There's a collection of buildings which include the farm shop itself (a brilliant source of local, seasonal products), a restaurant, a plant shop, a gift shop and a Cider and Perry Emporium.

Visiting the farm shop area is like entering a small indoor market with a traditional butcher's counter, a cheese shop, a bakery, and various deli products assembled around.

A separate building houses the National Cider and Perry collection and as well as stocking over 100 different ciders and perries (most available for tasting so you know what you're getting before you buy) there are other more unusual drinks such as mead, fruit liqueurs and country wines.  If you're looking for something non-alcoholic, there's freshly pressed apple juice.

If the weather is fine its possible to visit the animals at the open farm and follow the nature trail, or just sit in the picnic area and enjoy a taste of your freshly bought farm shop goodies, washed down with some local cider.


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