How To Make A Wrap Around Boho Style Watch Strap

I'm all for recycling and trying to get as much use out of things as I can, so when the strap on my watch had broken I decided to make a new one by recycling bits and pieces from my sewing box.  I wanted something that was easy to put on in the morning and that would look ok with my work uniform of a dark pink blouse and black trousers.

I gathered together the components ...

With a fabric tie from an old top (already sewn so no tidying up required), a pale blue pearly vintage button and some split rings from my jewellery making stash to attach to the sides of the watch I was ready to go.

Easy to make with these simple steps:-

1.  Decide on the length of fabric you need by wrapping it around your wrist and allowing a little bit extra to form a loop to fit around the button at the end.  With this particular fabric and watch, I chose to wrap it around 5 times.

2.  Thread the tie/ribbon through the rings on the watch.

3.  Fold under and stitch down one end of the tie/ribbon and stitch on the button.

4.  At the none-button end, fold under the edge to neaten it and then fold again to make a loop to slip over the button and stitch in place. 

Before making the final loop, it's best to try the whole thing on for size in case you need to make any final adjustements.

I really like it because its more like wearing a bracelet than a watch, and if you're into the stacked look, there's room to change the appearance a little by adding on more bracelets.


  1. I am a real fan of the boho look so was so happy to see this. It looks fantastic, well done. Take care and have a lovely weekend xx


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