Raspberry Gin

I've been reading recently that there are quite a few micro-distilleries popping up around the country producing gin.  As with whisky distilleries in Scotland, the recipes are usually secret as each distillery likes to include its own special ingredients to create a unique and distinctive flavour, often featuring local botanicals.  The newly opened Anno Distillers in Kent is very proud of its locally grown ingredients (such as Lavender, Camomile and the coastal plant Samphire) and is not shy about mentioning these on its website.  They've already had great reviews, so this is a gin to look out for.

Meanwhile, back at Cocopopia Towers, I've decided to create a gin of my own, using the surplus autumn fruiting raspberries we have so much of.  I've never made any before, but there are lots of recipes and advice on the internet.  

I'm not sure if I've started mine too late for it to be ready for Christmas, but I'll taste it and see, once we get to Christmas.  If not, it'll be something to look forward to in January!

Here are links to a couple of blogs which I found helpful (and I particularly like The Cottage Smallholder's suggestion that once the gin has been drunk, you can pour sherry over the fruit and start all over again - that sounds like it'll be pretty good!)

Anyway - worth looking at if you want to give it a try are:-

It's Not F**cking Rocket Science


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