Red and Black Jewellery

I really should be out there in the garden, clearing out as much of the dead fruit and veggie planting as I can and clearing a pathway so that the A-team can come in for their annual chain-sawing and drastic chopping down of the hedges and overgrown trees.  But today its raining and doesn't look like stopping in the near future.

But its always good to have a plan B and then you never feel disappointed. My plan B today is to make more jewellery.  I'm currently loving working with snowflake obsidian (not so much a gemstone, but a volcanic glass). It works really well when mixed with clear and red glass and silver metals.  

The colour combinations will not only work well to dress up an outfit in the festive season, but the pairing of black, red and silver has a particular gothic feel about it (darkness, moonlight, vampires and blood!) and sets the mood for October and November too!

Jewellery available for purchase at: my Cocopopia shop


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