Stormy Weather

There's a serious storm hurtling towards England and Wales at the moment and due to hit us this evening, and is going to be particularly bad for those of us on the south coast.  Its been pretty windy here all week-end but apparently that's nothing compared to what is on the way.

We took a walk along the beach this afternoon and the sea was looking pretty angry, like a giant out of control washing machine.

Our local council have cancelled the refuse collection for tomorrow and local travel services have also been cancelled already.  We've prepared as much as we can, now we just have to sit tight and wait and hope the wind and rain pass through without too much damage.

Update: the storm passed through in the night without too much damage locally so we are counting our blessings.  Our windows though are covered with a layer of sea salt, it's like having frosted glass - we need some clean rain now to wash the windows down!


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