Gemstone Jewellery

chunky amethyst bracelet by Cocopopia

I love working with gemstones when jewellery making.  I have a fascination with these ancient (and I really do mean ancient!) materials which are found beneath the earth's surface - mother nature truly is the best artist of all.  I love the fact that they have been used and worn by different cultures throughout the ages and are still just as popular (if not more so) in the present day.  

I also love the fact that they carry with them myths and legends and that they are considered to carry magical and healing energies.  Whatever your belief, it can't be denied that a piece of gemstone jewellery will always be unique and have its own distinct natural beauty.

Gemstones are associated with different months of the year and this is not only linked in with individuals born during that particular month,but it is said that each birthstone has heightened powers during its associated month.  With this in mind, it helps me to work with themes and to feel more "in tune" with the gems as I work with them.  

amethyst bracelet in the Cocopopia Folksy shop

The main gemstone for February is amethyst, which is a great stone to work with because of the numerous variations in shade, from a light and delicate lavender pink to a robust deep purple.  Amethyst is always popular and a favourite for commissions.

I do need to start planning further ahead though, and looking ahead to March, there are aquamarine and bloodstone to choose from - two very different stones indeed.   


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