Goodbye January

January weather on the south coast this year has been a mixture of everything, apart from snow (and its still not too late for that - we still had snow in March last year).  Due to the heavy rainfall over the past 2 months, there's a lot of mud about so it can restrict the choice of walk, but it hasn't stopped us from getting out.

A couple of weeks ago we were out in the Pyecombe area and could see the Jack and Jill Windmills in the distance (Jill is the white windmill, lower down the hill)

As we walked, we could hear the ringing of bells, which turned out to be coming from the sheep.  A few sheep from the herd were wearing bells and it sounded really lovely - quite old fashioned and reminded me of a previous walking holiday in the French mountains although the first time I've heard sheep bells on the Downs and, indeed, anywhere in this country.

We came across a rusty metal spike growing out of a tree.  This reminded me of the bicylce tree in Scotland which has over time swallowed up an anchor and a bicycle.

We continued walking and enjoying the scenery

As we completed our circular walk, we could see the weather in the distance closing in on us so perfect timing and time to head home for a hot mug of tea!


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