The Monster In The Loft

Well its not a huge monster, in fact its a very tiny monster, but in the insect world, its a monster all the same.

I'm almost 100% sure we have a harlequin ladybird sharing our loft space with us.  

In the daytime he finds a nice quiet corner to snooze in and then in the evening, when the lights are on and the room warms up, he comes out to play.  He'll fly around the spotlights a lot but last night he was particularly bold walking around on my desk.

The cats are irritated by him because they are unable to catch him and so they have to be content with sitting looking upwards and flexing their necks around and around in circles (as though doing cat neck muscle exercises) while they try and follow its flight path.

I call it a monster because it is a particularly invasive species and is said to present a danger to our native ladybirds.  They are said to be household pests and are known to bite people (it did land on my face yesterday but flew off again without taking a bite!).

My dilemma now is do I get rid of it or just let it be?


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