A Rainy Day in Hastings

Today we took a trip out to Hastings in East Sussex to do a bit of exploring. We've only ever driven through it along the seafront but have been told that the old town is really lovely and well worth a visit and it definitely was.  

We arrived mid-morning and the air was full of drizzle so we took shelter in the cafe of St Mary in the Castle, sat back in the comfy sofas by the window and enjoyed coffee and cake whilst watching the world go by (and waiting for the rain to ease off).

Once we ventured out and reached the streets of the old town, we saw (and heard) Morris dancers doing their thing wherever there seemed to be a space to start dancing.  We also noticed garlands of foliage and ribbon decorating many of the buildings.  We learnt that our visit had coincided with the annual Jack-in-the-Green Festival - a four day festival celebrating May Day.  We felt like we had stepped back in time.

Even on a damp, grey day, we found Hastings such an interesting place to be. Here are some of my favourite photos ...

Wall Art in Hastings

This last image is heading back towards the seafront and the fishing boats - more on that side of things next time ...


  1. Like you we have been to Hastings but really only driven along the sea front. Looks like we missed out there, your photos show it in a far better light. It looks very appealing :)

  2. Yes, the "hidden Hastings" is well worth a visit!


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