Our Own Personal Springwatch Continues

Continuing on the theme of wildlife in our garden (well, in this case, the next door neighbours' gardens) ....

The neighbours on one side had a fox fast asleep in broad daylight - unusual for around here as the local foxes seem to be quite shy and keep a low profile.  I was concerned it may have been unwell, but it had disappeared about 20 minutes later.

Then over the fence on the other side, it was like a scene from Hitchock's movie, "The Birds" as the neighbours there had put up a coconut bird feeder.  Word soon got out among the Starlings of the neighbourhood - and starlings are very noisy, chattery kind of birds ...

You can see the chubby little fluffed up "teenagers" waiting in line along the top of the roof to be fed some tasty morsels of coconut ...


  1. The little sleeping fox is adorable. I admire you for taking care of the little outside creatures. They are an important part of our planet. I hope you're having a nice weekend.


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