Marina, Breakfast and Minis

One of our favourite Sunday activities is to cycle out to the Marina on the other side of Brighton for brunch.  It involves exercise, food and the surprise element of not knowing what we will come across on our cycle through Brighton to reach the Marina.  It's nice to get there early, before things get too busy.

On the way out there, we came across superhero characters of all ages and sizes - lots of Supermen, Batmen and Spidermen in particular.  There were also a few villains too.  Turned out it was the annual Heroes Run in aid of Pass It On Africa.  Very popular with families due to the Kids' 500m dash.

On the way back though, we had to pick our way through what seemed to be hundreds of Minis arriving at their destination of the 30th annual London to Brighton Mini Run

All lined up at the seafront, it seemed the organisers had tried to cram in as many as they could as the pedestrian walkway and cycle path were also being used, so it did take quite a while to get through them all, although it was an interesting journey.

I went misty eyed at the memory of "The Guv'nor", my own little mini from years ago - I hoped I'd spot his registration plate amongst the crowd, but it was not to be.  

There were, however, plenty of other minis sitting in the sunshine, all looking sparkly clean and being shown off by their proud owners.


  1. My first car was a mini, I sold it for £40!! I have one of the new minis at the moment but can't fit three grandchildren and their seats in it so sadly having to change to something bigger. Seeing your lovely photos of the minis has made me wobble about getting rid of it. : -(

  2. It's interesting to hear how so many people had a mini as either their first or second car. Sorry to hear you're going to have to change to a bigger car than your current mini but I'm sure there are lots of interesting alternatives out there that you'll enjoy driving just as much!


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