City Woodlands

At the week-end we were in Birmingham again on a family visit.  

A lot of non-Midlanders think of Birmingham being very urban and yes, it is, but it also has over 14 square miles of public parks - more than any other European city.  It also has a number of nature reserves.  So for Birmingham residents and visitors, you don't have to travel far before you find yourself in a green open space.

On Sunday morning, we took a walk in the Clent Hills.  It was a bit of a misty morning but on a clear day, you really can see for miles and miles.

We then got back into the car for the short drive to Packwood House where we took a walk around the gardens.  We visited the kitchen garden and walked around the lake.  We also saw the yew garden with its many (approximately 100) yew trees being over 350 years old, if they could speak they would probably have lots of interesting stories to tell.


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