Introducing the Catapultoes

Mr P and Sweet Pea 2 months after they arrived

Our two cats ("the catapultoes") are now four and a half years old.  Brother and sister, they are rescue cats and came to live with us when they were almost 12 months old, so not quite fully grown.  They'd been found wandering around a housing estate when they were 7 weeks old and spent the next 8 months of their lives in a cat rescue centre.  

They were difficult to re-home because they were so terrified of people.  They just hid themselves away from potential "rescuers", preferring to sit hidden away at the back of their pen, just gazing outside and longing to be out there.  

When we visited the cattery, there were over a 100 cats seeking homes at the time but we were drawn to these 2 extremely timid and vulnerable looking kitties.  It took a lot of time and patience and they have grown from feral kittens into beautiful, affectionate adult cats full of character.  We are so glad we chose to bring them home (or did they choose us?)


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