Veg Box Fridays

Since the beginning of this year we've stopped buying our fruit and veg from the supermarket and have it delivered (free of charge) weekly by our local fruit and veg man.  

Its great because with this service, the customer chooses what goes into their order and absolutely nothing goes to waste.  Prices, on the whole, seem to be cheaper than the supermarket, the produce is always fresh and tasty, the packaging is easy to recycle (paper and cardboard) and we're helping to support a local business.

Today its a bit of a cold, damp day so I'll be making some roasted vegetable soup, but later in the week there'll be veggie chow mein (in honour of the Chinese New Year), stuffed peppers, pizza, mediterranean stuffed avocadoes and honey and banana pancakes (in honour of Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras - although I don't need an excuse to eat pancakes!)

Mr P seemed to be particularly delighted with the delivery box last week - we can't decide if it was because he like the size and shape of it or because he liked the smell of coriander (which had originally been stored in the box)


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