Hooray, wool is making a come-back!

Sheep farmers have had a bit of a tough time in the past few years as the demand for cheap synthetic materials has increased and the prices paid for wool have decreased and been an insult to the farmer and to the sheep!

But wool is such a versatile material - when used for clothing it is warm, absorbent, soft, comfortable, holds its shape, is long lasting, recyclable,has fire-retardant properties and is fully biodegradable. It makes perfect sense to choose natural wool over synthetic.  The sheep doesn't have to give up its life to produce the wool - in fact its probably a huge relief to lose the winter coat once summer is one the way!

So it was encouraging to read recently that Britain's wool mills are enjoying a renaissaince with increasing demand for wool products in this country and for export abroad.

A great material to work with for fashion and crafts, wool is user friendly and some fantastic results can be achieved whether through spinning, weaving,  feltmaking or knitting.  Stitch 'n Bitch anyone?


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