Super Soup

I know this post is a bit of an advert, but I have ulterior motives ...  this is about a limited edition "soup of the month", and if it proves to be popular, my hope is that they will keep producing it!

Anyway, my tastebuds have fallen in love with the New Covent Garden soup of the month - Country Root Vegetable Medley.  It is sweet and creamy because of the root vegetables (and the cream!) but the clever addition of ingredients such as celeriac, cauliflower and honey (in a gentle but not overpowering way) give it a really lovely, unique flavour.

new feb image

Particularly welcome now that the weather has turned cold again - a bowl of tasty soup is such a comfort.  It's on special half price offer at the Co-op at the moment for £1 - I am going back for more tomorrow and will be stocking up.  


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