"It doesn't show signs of stopping, And I've bought some corn for popping, The lights are turned way down low, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"
Ok, I know its not Christmas anymore, and I know it wasn't really snowing that much yesterday, but this song kept going through my head yesterday as I made popcorn for the first time ever!  I was surprised how quick and easy it was to do and was impressed with the result.  Also pleased to have found a reasonably healthy snack to nibble for our at home "movie nights".

Chocolate Chip Popcorn

If I'm preaching to the converted, then I would love to know your suggestions for alternative flavours to my chocolate chip popcorn.  If you're new to this like me, then here's what I did:

(made in a small saucepan - makes 4 portions - or 2 large portions)

  • Add 2 tbsp oil (I used veg oil but will try it with butter next time) to a pan and begin heating on a med - high heat.
  • After about a minute, add enough popping corn/kernels to cover the base of the pan and pop the lid on
  • After the corn begins popping, turn the heat off if using an electric stove. (if using gas, leave on for another minute or so).
  • When the tempo of the popping has slowed down, take the pan off the heat and wait for it to stop popping entirely before transferring to a bowl.
  • Is now ready to add a flavouring of your choice - I added a couple of tsp of chocolate chips (but as its still warm, you need to allow more cooling off time so that the chocolate can "set")
  • For a completely healthy option, serve as it is
note: I used a pan with a transparent lid, so it was good to be able to watch what was going on - children will love this bit!


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