A June Week-End

At last, just in the nick of time, we have the perfect June week-end.  The weather is warm and sunny, so its nice to open the windows and doors and let the house "breathe" in the fresh air.  The washing is on the line and actually drying, for a change.  

Sports fans are spoilt for choice this week-end with 3 events which epitomise June - the tennis at Wimbledon, the start of the Tour de France cycle race and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Everything in the garden is now starting to bloom so I gathered some flowers for the house.  

Unfortunately, the strawberries are not yet ready (just a few more days!) but there are some delicious local strawberries now available.  Earlier this year, I said I'd be switching from ice cream to frozen yogurt and I have stuck to my plan.  Fresh strawberries with frozen yogurt makes for a reasonably healthy dessert and tastes heavenly, especially on a hot day.


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