Giving The Garden a Boost

Grow fruit and veggies, grow!!!

Because of the cool spring (and only slightly warmer summer) everything in the garden is growing really slowly - apart from when it rains when things that you don't want to grow quickly (such as the grass and the bamboo) suddenly grow about 6 inches overnight!

I'm starting to get impatient and have come across a few tips which may help things along a little, using natural, eco-friendly resources to give nature a helping hand:-

  • Marigolds (all types) can be used as insect repellents when it comes to protecting more vulnerable plants from attack
  • Onion plants will repel aphids and carrot flies (but consider where you place them as some plants don't like them)
  • Garlic is good planted around raspberries and will repel aphids so good next to roses too
  • Most herbs will attract bees and wasps, which will help pollination of fruits and tomatoes
  • Basil grown next to tomatoes will improve their flavour
  • Tea or tea leaves can help maintain soil acidity
  • Use the water from rinsing out milk containers as a liquid feed for outside plants
  • Coffee grounds add nitrogen and acidity to the soil and can act as a deterrent to slugs and snails
  • Rusty nails in the watering can will add iron to the soil
  • Crushed egg shells added to the soil will add calcium and make slugs think twice about crossing over them
  • Banana skins dug in around roses add potassium


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