Breezy Day Bike Ride

I like to get on my bike and go for a cycle at least once every week-end as its a great way to exercise and you notice a lot more of the world around you when either walking or on two wheels.  If I'm short on time, I'll pop into town and back.  Its only about a 15 mile round trip and mainly flat, but if its windy (and on the coast it often is) then there's a lot more effort involved.  Today it has been fairly windy, which means easy cycling in one direction and difficult cycling in another!

The great thing about when the weather is a little grey, windy or wet is that it puts a lot of people off from going out, but this is good news for me as it means there are less pedestrians and dog walkers to negotiate on the shared path along the seafront.

dingy masts peeping up from lower down on the beach

When I reached the sailing club, all of the sailors were huddled around on the beach debating whether to go out or not - it was obvious that today's conditions were suitable for experienced sailors only.

On my way back, I spotted a lady feeding a family of swans from the bottom of her garden on the edge of the lagoon

Travelling through the airport, the almost horizontal wind sock was being filled form the north east - just to remind me that my cycle home (towards the north east) was not going to be easy!

Sunday is usually a busy day at the airport with lots of pleasure flights and "week-end pilots" but today a lot of the planes remained grounded.

So, it took me longer to get home than planned, and the Catapultoes were sitting waiting with expressions of "where is everyone, where is our lunch?!"


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