Favourite Art and Crafts at the Brighton and Hove Festival

As promised, here are the highlights from our visit last week-end to the Artists' Open Houses at the Brighton and Hove Fringe Festival ...

Ocean Views

Gorgeous images from photographer Gill Copeland (who donates her profits to the Cross Cultural Solutions charity)

 Lawrence Latham upcycles classic old cameras into unique and quirky modern lighting

Spotted in Spring, Brighton Beach

time-lapse digital art images of Brighton from artist and photographer Kristan Akerman

sculptures and stone carvings from Howard Young

and last but certainly not least as this has got to be one of my favourites - The Holistic Art House

From the uplifting and colourful artwork of Claire Johnson

To the angelic sculptures of Ginger Gilmore

and also the beautiful and bold mosaics of Josephine Tyrell, the orb photography of Gill Orsman and the unique, delicate and holistic jewellery of Helen Morris Clarke.

This whole house had such a beautiful and spirtual vibe to it - I hope they exhibit again next year!


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