Summer Solstice

We are rapidly reaching the Summer Solstice (tomorrow) and Midsummer's Day and I feel that I'm still waiting for the summer to start properly.  But yesterday it actually was a hot and sultry summer's day and I spent the afternoon in the garden with the animals who were making the most of the good weather too.

Mr P found a cool place to retreat under the hedge

Juni found an area of dry soil in the shade to do some dust bathing

and so did Razzie

Sweetpea (who also likes to think of herself as a chicken from time to time) also chose to roll around in the dust

but she got bored with that so went to stretch out in the sun for a while.  

And then she got bored again, so went to play in Mr Cocopopia's workshop area among the statues

and got friendly with one of the Easter Island men


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