Chilli Festival

This week-end it was the chilli festival in our town

and I wasn't the only one who had cycled there

and some people may have even arrived by boat

There were a huge variety of chilli related products available, including take-away food, pickles and preserves, chilli chocolate, chilli beer, chilli Pimms, chilli kitchen products, chilli plants and (my favourite) chilli ice-cream.  There's something about chilli ice-cream that has the wow factor - I think its due to the bizarre sensation that although you're eating something freezing cold, there's something hot biting at your throat at the same time.  I had some chocolate chilli ice-cream and it was amazing.

There was a also a chilli eating competition but there didn't seem to be too many people signing up for it - maybe they just didn't fancy it because it was such a hot day.

And there was also a band playing, strangely enough, Irish folk music.  Something a little more Latin influenced would have created a better vibe, I would have thought.

The Chilli Festival is now in its third year so hopefully it will become a regular annual event.  But I'm starting to love chillies more and more, so this won't be the last you'll hear of me talking about chillies!


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