Yesterday we visited Tittesworth Water in North Staffordshire, on the edge of the Peak District. It not only serves as a reservoir providing water for the local people, but is also an educational centre, haven for wildlife, scenic picnic and walking area and watersports venue.

From an educational point of view, there are lots of tips and advice on using and conserving water

Like this A - Z of eco friendly advice for water use

Some of my favourites:

- if a lawn is brown because the grass is dry, it's a waste of time, water and energy trying to water it because as soon as it rains it'll turn green again
- if you boil an egg, use the water afterwards to water house or garden plants as the nutrients released from the shell will be good for the plants
- only water plants at the cool part of the day (ie morning or evening ) to avoid evaporation

I would definitely recommend a visit to Tittesworth Water if you ever get the chance


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