Circle of Wonder

As part of our original garden design, we decided to introduce a few curves into our very long and narrow rectangular garden.  We changed the path, so that instead of it cutting its way through the garden, straight down the middle, it now meanders on a journey of discovery from the top of the sloping garden to the bottom.  

We introduced the idea of the Circle of Wonder because we wanted a circular seating area towards the bottom of the garden - it can't be seen at all from the house and comes as a complete surprise when you reach it.  

We wanted an area for eating, drinking, reading, meditating or just somewhere for sitting with a nightcap and gazing at the stars at night. Hence the Circle of Wonder - an area where we could sit and wonder about all sorts of things.

After much hard work digging and leveling off the ground, we had a builder come in and construct a section of circular wall.  The rest of the circle is made up of railway sleepers and planting (mostly bamboo) - with a gap for getting in and out.

We put down a circular paved area.  But it has remained "incomplete" for several years until now, as Mr Cocopopia (very inspired by the work of Gaudi in Barcelona) has started the piece de resistance, which will be a circular area of mosaic around the edge of the seating area.

He has collected unwanted tiles and crockery from boot sales and spent last week-end smashing them up (I wonder what the neighbours were thinking?).

The design is now put into place and the next step will be to fix them down - can't wait to show you the finished result.


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