Cool Aloe

Being the fair-skinned, English rose that I am, I try to use sunscreen whenever I can when I'm out and about at this time of year but sometimes I do get caught out and may get a little sunburnt from time to time.  

A good remedy for cooling the skin is aloe.  It can be bought over the counter in lots of preparations for cooling and healing sore skin and is an effective moisturiser used in beauty products.

However, if you keep an aloe plant at home, you have an instant first aid remedy available for whenever you need to tap into its benefits.

All you need to do to treat minor burns is to slice a leaf horizontally - clear gel will ooze out and just apply this directly onto the wound.

Aloe plants are tender succulents so need to be kept indoors if you live in the UK - a warm, sunny windowsill is ideal.

Aloe is such an fantastic little plant with so many uses - there's a great article here from Discovery Health on 40 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera


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